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November 2017 Ella User Reviews

Total Score: 9.0

Quality Score: 9

Warranty Score: 7

Value Score: 9

At the time of review this product was priced at $99.00. This NightShift got one of our maximum-score ratings. The best.

Users really loved it. Many users said, it was a good investment. Excellent value. For just $99, get a permanent solution to all your netflix buffering as well as streaming problems.

If you have a satellite, cable or dsl internet connection at home as well as hate the fact that you can't stream high-quality tv shows and movie theater on netflix, this is a must-have. Nightshift by aterlo networks inc. Authorizes you to schedule any netflix show or movie requires valid netflix account for download overnight. This authorizes the device to download content for you while you sleep off-peak internet traffic; always coinciding with free zones or bonus bytes in substitute data plans.

The next day, you can watch all the downloaded content in full quality and buffer-free. Nightshift is a combination of an asus wifi router, storage device by sandisk and proprietary software by aterlo networks. It is loved by thousands of satellite and other slow or limited internet customers during the us. Hate slow internet?

Get nightshift. Hate limited data on your plan? Get nightshift. Got bonus bytes on hughesnet?

Get nightshift. Got free zone on exede internet? Get nightshift. Got liberty plan? Get nightshift. Works only with netflix. Works with any internet plan. Works with any existing home / office internet or modem setup. Requires monthly subscription starting $6. 99. Available on the firm website directly. What's more - NightShift automatic feature. Once you watch a tv show with Multiple episodes, NightShift will automatically pre-load the next 3 episodes of that show so they are ready for you to watch. What you get in the box: asus wi-fi router model rt-n56u sandisk storage drive usb 3 ultra 64gb NightShift software preinstalled and ready to go also, web-based app from NightShift to manage all your scheduling and downloading actions. Just search for a show or movie you like and add it to your download list. No risk trial for 30 days cancel for full refund what you still need: monthly subscription for NightShift starting $6. 99 per month or 15% off on once-a-year subscription. Designed for users interested in watching unlimited buffer-free netflix, despite slow or limited internet connections, works with all major internet service providers, data plans as well as locations, NightShift program pre-installed on the storage device. Once activated, NightShift downloads all your preferred shows and cinema onto the device overnight and makes them available for watching the next day, record up to 50 hours of standard definition netflix content or 25 hours of hd, works just with a valid netflix account netflix account not added in the price. Monthly subscription to NightShift of $6. 99 necessary - available to be purchased on the organization website. Users thought: "Was a little concerned about the build quality at this price point, but nothing to be worried about this is awesome and high quality. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $155.00

Sale Price: $99.00

UPC: 691054976092

EAN: 0691054976092


Manufacturer: Multiple

Brand: NightShift

Part Number: NS-01

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Digital Video Recorder

Product Group: Home Theater


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