The Original TV Smart Box Zoomtak M5

January 2018 Kaylee User Reviews

Total Score: 8.7

Quality Score: 8

Warranty Score: 7

Value Score: 10

At the time of review this product was priced at $105.95. This item got one of our highest ratings. Can't go wrong with it.

Top quality. It is definately worth the price. The best value. Attention: not all boxes are created equal.

Due to their 2016 quadcore box being the hottest tv smart box model on the market, there were some companies copying their box making plastic knockoffs for less as well as built alike molds where poor software quality have a big risk. Please pay attention to buy the original tv smart box from us to have the best hardware as well as software support. Meanwhile, their box already has received a hallmark and design patent to protect their own design and their customers. Their boxes are a new private mold with aluminum housing and a brushed finish.

Box has a better heat radiation and luxury appearance. Also comes with a digital clock with an led light display. Other boxes are plastic and do not update and they do not come with more addons that they realize their customers desire. More and more fly by night "companies" are stealing their title but the product is not the same.

They have had customers come to us after their box went out after 3 months. And nobody to call about it. They care about their customers and believe in their product. That's why they will be there when you motivation us for tech support 7 days a week.

Their box comes with live tv as well. Over 1500 channels. The box runs off your wifi or ethernet. Ready to employ and has all channels. Nothing is blocked. You will get espn, nfl package, red zone, pay per view and ufc fights, mlb, yankees, dodgers, every and each and every sport, kids programs, cinemax, hbo, showtime, adult. More movie theater than redbox and netflix combined. You will be able to see new movie theater sometimes before they hit the theaters. Box retails for $399. 99. Their price is $259. 99. Right now they are running a special at $199. 99. Box has a tutorial for convenient set up and furthermore comes with a 1 year warranty. You can furthermore call us for more info 619 850 3264 or visit their website at theoriginaltvsmartbox. Com. They welcome all questions. You can call and ask us about monthly specials on discounted boxes. Thank you for looking. Hdmi cord, remote as well as power cord included, four usb ports plus card reader slot, quad core, play games, music, movies, tv, seven days a week tech support 619 850 3264. According to user reviews: "Was a little concerned about the build quality at this price point, but nothing to be worried about this is awesome and high quality. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $399.99

Sale Price: $105.95

EAN: 6922706500070


Manufacturer: The Original TV Smart Box Zoomtak

Brand: The Original TV Smart Box Zoomtak

Model: M5

Part Number: M5

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Consumer Electronics

Product Group: Home Theater


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