Valve V000694-XX

November 2017 Madison User Reviews

Total Score: 5.3

Quality Score: 5

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 6

At the time of review this product was priced at $36.99. The Valve V000694-XX is not as good as most. Just connect your steam pc or steam machine to your home network, plug into a tv, as well as stream your games to the link at 1080p.

Average quality. It is priced well.

Wired network is strongly recommended, compatible controllers with steam link: steam controller, xbox one usb wired, xbox 360 usb wired, xbox 360 wireless, ps4, ps3 wired as well as wii-u pro. Users thought it was alright. Users say, the price was right. The steam link authorizes existing steam gamers to expand the range of their current gaming set up via their home network.

Many third-party xbox controllers are additionally supported, steam link is manufactured to take advantage of the horsepower you currently have in your home, streaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its journey to your tv, video and audio data is sent from your computer to the steam link, while your controller input is sent back in genuine time. Virtually each and every game that your computer runs can be played on your tv. This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $49.99

Sale Price: $36.99

UPC: 814585020021

EAN: 0814585020021


Manufacturer: Valve

Brand: Valve

Model: V000694-XX

Part Number: V000694-XX

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Video Game Hardware

Product Group: Video Games


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