Home TV Box A200-FS300

September 2017 Ethan User Reviews

Total Score: 7.3

Quality Score: 7

Warranty Score: 10

Value Score: 8

At the time of review this product was priced at $239.99. What a super product the Home TV Box A200-FS300 is. Don't want to miss any of the shows.

Chinese standard version, real as well as stable live tv of us, mainland china, hong kong, taiwan, korea. It will serve you well. Good support & warranty. ✔ plug in & play.

✔ provide rich vod function. Specializes technology in pre-installed app, for movies, tv shows and other on-demand video, the latest korean, english, chinese dramas and movies and enjoy the latest tv shows, movies, sports, variety shows, cartoons etc, both wifi and internet cable supported. ✔ time shift function. Very convenient for the elders.

All real live english, mandarin, cantonese channels. Don't motivation to miss any parts of the show. Retreat the tv shows while watching live tv. Time shift function.

Latest drama, tv shows, movies, sports, variety shows, cartoons etc. 凤凰卫视、凤凰资讯、中天卫视、华纳电影、tvb、本港台、韩国娱乐台 and more, cnn, hbo, fox news, fox sports, discovery, national geographic, disney, cartoon, food and more. Watch hundreds of live tv channels in chinese as well as english. ✔ whole life technical support.

Very good quality. Good video on demand function. Watch the tv show a many days ago. Just like cable tv, but all for free, tv recall function. ✔ professional live streaming chinese tv media player. 1x hdmi interface / 1x composite video interface. ✔ tv recall function. Not a bad value for the price. Most people who purchased this thought: "Can't beat the price-quality and a great price! " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

Sale Price: $239.99

EAN: 6938366121814


Manufacturer: Home Television

Brand: Home TV Box

Model: A200-FS300

Part Number: A200

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Satellite Or Dss

Product Group: Home Theater


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